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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Another crap day

I'm sorry but if you're feeling fed up or hate moaning, I'd select another blog to read becasue there will be some major ranting coming on.

Yesterday I was expecting my Tesco grocery delivery (I order online andget it delivered). Unfortunately I had to ring up to reschedule due to a family emergency. I was promised by a call centre employee that they could deliver between 12 and 2pm today. So Isat here waiting until 2.30pm when I rang them to find out what had happened to my food. Since then I've been passed from pillar to post with the call centre in Dundee blaiming the shop and the shop blaiming the call centre. I've hung up on them 4 times now but they keep ringing. I'm fed up with apologies and don't care who screwed up. The point is I'm sitting here with 3 hungry kids (my two plus afriend) and have no milk, no defrosted food or nothing that can be cooked without being defrosted first adn i'm expected to feed 3 kids and a husband in just over an hour. I'm not going shopping as I've been suffering from dizzy spells all afternoon and shopping with 4 kids in tow in no fun either. Neither am I going to be well enough to go shopping tonight. According to the Call Centre they can deliver at 9pm (exactly!!!!) and according to the store after 9.30pm. So I've now told them I want the delivery here at 9pm exactly (as that's what their call centre operator in Dundee promised me) and not a minute later as I want to be in bed as soon as my daughter returns from Guides at 8.45pm. I'm not waiting up till 9.30. Problem is I've got not car for the rest of the week so what do I do????? Looks like we're all going on a diet.

And as for knitting. Do not talk to me about socks at the moment. They're in the bad books big time. I was knitting happily away this morning at the 2nd braided cable sock for my grandfather when Ifinally got to dividing for the heel. I followed my written instructions from sock 1 but it just wasn't right. In the end (after half an hour of counting cables, stitches, scratching my head and shouting out some choice words) I worked out that instead of doing k6 (cable) , p3 seven times. I'd done k6(cable), p2 eight times. So I've got one and a half sock with different number of cables. I'm not frogging the 2nd sock but I haven't got enough yarn to knit two more in the same colour. So after screaming for a while Idecided to finish the 2nd sock, get two more balls of the same colour when I go to Plymouth next and knit one more sock with 7 cables and one with 8 cables. The whole thing sort of put me off socks for a while though.

So I was at a loss as to what to knit. Eventually I decided to swatch for a scarf for my FIL in Sublime Casmere/silk/merino Aran. It's so soft and lovely. I want to do celtic cable each end and rib inht e middle. I've done a swatch with cable each end and 4x4 rib in the middle and it looks good so I may start the real thing tonight and have a break from socks.

Which leads me back to socks. I've gone off my braided cable socks now (after the incident above) and thought I'dfinish the zig zag lace sock for my grandmother but I just don't fancy it. Maybe I'll just plod on with the celtic scarf.

I definitely need some knitting therapy now. And if anyone from Tesco's Dundee office calls I'll scream (probably at them). I'm just so angry I feel like I'mg going to explode. I rely on grocery deliveries as I find it so painful to do the shopping myself and normally it's fin and I'm happy with Tesco but when they screw up they screw up big time. And the annoying thing is they think it's fine to just apologise. If someone could just accept responsibility I'd be a lot more likely to accept their apologies. And I bet if they do deliver my shopping they'll still charge me full delivery.

And the title 'another crap day' refers to the fact that this is the 2nd crap day I've had in arow. Everyhing went wrong yesterday and I achieved NOTHING!!!!! Roll on tomorrow. Feel like going to bed now and sleeping until Christmas.


Silja Devine said...

Oh, sounds like you need a hug *HUG*
You said in a coment at my blog that you were going home for christmas, wich place in norway are you from?

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I'm from Vestby, but my parents live in Son now. It's just south of Oslo. Hope it'll be snowing for Christmas.

Silja Devine said...

moro, jeg bor i fredrikstad men er fra rygge egentlig :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Anni! you make me chuckle, I've just ambled across this post I must have missed it when you first posted it up. I really don't know how you manage to keep up with everything and still produce wonderful knits and designs, you rant away it's well deserved and we don't mind listening and your not alone; I'm coming a close second when it comes to crap days!! *lol*