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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More hand dyed yarn

This is my latest attempt at hand dyeing yarn. Fairly pleased with it. The two larger skeins at the back are Rowanspun dk wool which I picked up at bargain £2.50 per 100gr hank (200m each hank) from Truro Fabrics last week. Could only see two though. Probably do something felted with these. Thinking of doing a table runner for the coffee table and have also had an ideafor antoher felted bag.

The two smaler skeins in the front are Opal. The purple one actually went wrong. I didn't like the original colours so tryed to overdye it with purple. As you can see it didn't overdye all of it. But I think I like the bits of colour showing through. Will try to knit with it and see how it comes out. If not I'll have to try to over dye it again.

AND SOME MORE FAB NEWS: Spin a Yarn in Bovey Tracey, Devon, UK
will now be stocking some of my felted bag patterns. I'm really excited to get another stockists for my patterns. That's two in a week. It's giving me lots of confidence to approach other retailers. Got some more patterns to finish off. Will have to get them done soon.

Absolutely exhausted tonight. Very busy weekend and Monday. Drove all the way up to Bovey Tracey today (nearly an hour) for a knitting group at Spin A Yarn. Met some lovely ladies and had a great time fondling yarn and chatting. Didn't get much knitting done though. LOL. Came home with some Touch Mohair for a Big Lace scarf and wrap for myself. Will post pics tomorrow. The colours are gorgeous. Also got some Banana fibre. Never knitted with it before but it looks very interesting. Not sure what to knit yet. Maybe a bag. Got some sari silk a few weeks ago and don't knowwhat to knit with that either yet.

Any ideas for good Sari Silk or Banana Fibre patterns please let me know.

Nite all. x


blog-blethers said...

Absolutely delighted that your patterns are taking off so well, Anni. Very well deserved though! And just LOOK at what a sock convert you have become ... love your latest one's and look forward to seeing your next (you mega fast knitter!!)

Anonymous said...

You've redesigned again Anni, I like it, the blue templates really nice. I see you couldn't resist the Touch Yarn, I'm really tempted to get some myself. Will they be selling it over the net or do we have to get it from the shop. Could we phone and order from them?

dianemulholland said...

I can't see a pic of the new dyeing :-( is it just me or is blogger playing up on you???

Anonymous said...

LOL Diane. No blogger isn't playing up. There is no photo. Just couldn't post it last night. Tried about 10 times and it just kept failing. No idea why but in the end I was so angry I could have thrown the laptop at the wall. so just left it. Was too tired for that kind of nonsence last night. I'll try to post pics now.

Angie - I've realy gotten into socks now. nearly finished another sock. it's a new design. My first really challenging sock design. Looks very impressive. Photo will definitely be up tomorrow. I'm so excited about this design and so far so good.

Paula - My old template was playing up so ended up changing the template again. Had the sense to copy and save my links to a word doc first though so it was a lot easier than last time I changed it.

Touch Yarn was bought from Spin A Yarn. She is working on a website but not sure if it's finished yet. The url is I'm sure Joyce will be happy to take order over the phone too. I think all her contact details are on her website. I highly recommend Touch Yarns. They're gorgeous to knit with.