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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hand-dyeing fun

The kids had fun dyeing wool with KoolAid. Not sure about me. The girls did a fab job. The blue ball and blue/green skein is dyed by my youngest daughter and the red/pink in the middle is my oldest daughter's work. The two on the sides are mine. Look okay in the photo but I'm not sure about them. I tried to be clever and it didn't work. I did one skein that looked awful. Mixed too many colours. I've just tried over dyeing it with purple food colouring. Not sure yet whether it looks okay or not. It's drying outside anyway. May just chuck it or dye it black. Fancy trying more though. Got 2 more skeins to dye and am going to order some more Kool Aid. Although I've got lots of food colouring and some Dylon hand dye packets so may use those.

As for WIPS I've got a stole on the needles. It's a lace one knitted in lace weight yarn and I'm making slow progress but I do like it although it'll take me a while to finish. Still winding up my CTH skein. It's just so long (2400yrsd). Wind a few rows every time I pass and I may get it finished one day. NOt sure what to knit yet either. Nearly finished a new bag design - Circular cotton bag- and it won't be felted. doing the strap at the moment. Still doing the i-cord for the DB Soho bag. Nearly finished. DD2 wants me to start knitting her and her friend some hand warmers (from the blue wound wool in the photo) and DD1 wants me to knit her a cushion cover from her wool. Also keen to start some socks again as I've collected several lovely lace sock patterns. And need to decide what to knit for my nephew's birthday and get started on it. Birthday is in about a month so running out of time. Better get back to my knitting.


blog-blethers said...

Really impressed with your hand dying efforts - Koigu look out!! My daughters would love socks done in those colours. And will be thinking of you on Friday - enjoy your course!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Not sure Koigu or any other yarn manufacturers have anything to worry about. But practice makes perfect. Got 2 skeins left to dye and will try food colouring. May need to get more vinegar first. Thanks for the wishes for the course. A bit worried about how my back/neck will hold up (suffer from severe chronic pain) as I've got an hours drive to and from plus all day sitting at a table. May end up lying on the floor at some point. But it will be fun and interesting and I'm really excited.