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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Yarn Parcel arrived.

Took the girls swimming this morning, luckily they're old enough to go in the pool by themselves with me watching from the coffee shop. Brought my two lace scarves intending to knit quite a bit. But picked up a news paper by mistake and didn't get much knitting done.

Lovely surprise when I got home. My parcel from Spin a Yarn had arrived with another 4 balls of Rare Yarns Essentials for my shawl (pic further down - plum shawl). I hope I've got enough to finish it now. The pattern is hard to get into and had finally found the rhytm when I ran out of wool. Took me a few rounds to get going today. Means my two scarves which are nearly finished are put on hold again. And as for my sock (1st sock done), there is no hope really. Think my excisiting sock is going to be single for quite a while.Don't like socks at all. What I need is 4 hands so that I can knit 2 projects at a time. Wouldn't that be great?

Next big challenge which I'd planned to do today but will probably be tomorrow is sorting out my yarn stash and listing some on Ebay. Not a job I'm looking forward to.

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