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Friday, June 02, 2006

Summer finally here

YEAH summer is finally here. Been gorgeous and sunny down here in Cornwall last two days. Had a great few hours on the beach with the girls yesterday. Didn't go near the water though as even in mid summer it's too cold for me. The girls tried going in the river but it was too cold. Need to get them some wet suits. But I did get some knitting done.
Have finished another bag today. It's a tall round Cascade bag with a trim around the top and a nice handle. Nearly finished first wash, but probably need to do another one. Normally do with Cascade. Will post a pic tomorrow.

Ordered some new patterns today from Kntiwhits, can't wait to have a go at them. Also getting some Noro patterns and some patterns from Got an order form The Natural Dye studio on Ebay. Some of it is cotton chenille which I'm planning to knit a scarf out of. Also some green wool for another bag.

Must get around to typing up some of my patterns next week when kids are back at school. And put them on my website. Got some great new patterns knitted up.

Off to Exeter tomorrow and planning to visit a knitting shop called Inspirations. Have seen it advertised in Knitting and Simply Knitting mags and the ad looks good. The wool shop in our town is a bit dull. I'd love to have a great, modern yarn store nearby. Or even open one myself one day....... off to do some daydreaming now!!!!

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