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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Drake Circus - Plymouth

Finally, the long awaited new shopping centre in Plymouth city centre has opened. I've been dreaming of a big shopping centre in Plymouth since I moved to Cornwall 16 years ago and my dream has finally come true. All they need in there now is a fab yarn shop..... Not holding mybreath though.

We made our first visit to Drake Circus on Saturday and it was packed, it's been a huge success since it opened last Thursday. YOu'd think it was Christmas with all the crowds. Love the new H&M there. Previously our nearest H&M was in Exeter. Being a Norwegian I love H&M (despite it being a Swedish company). They're everywhere in Norway and I used to always pop in there when I was home. Their kids clothes are great value and they do a great range for 18+. Only got 2 plain tops yesterday so was very good but there was lots there to tempt me.

I was also looking forward to Primark.Never been to Primakr before but had hard a lot of good things about it. Was quite disappointed. It had obvioulsy been a very busy day and half the clothes were all over the floor. Als othey only seemed to go up to a size 18, whichI'm afraid is too small for me but my daughter liked it and got a winter coat and a top.

Also got a huge Next which I didn't manage to get into. And Hotel Chocolat. Another of my dream shops selling chocs. We wondered around and were tempted but the queues at the till put me off buiying but next time I go in I'll betreating myself to something. Lots of other shops too I didn't have time to look in so will have to make another trip soon.

Also discovered some great knitterly news. Derry's in Plymouth are closing their yarn concession but Co-op are opening anotehr one almost straight away. But all hteir yarn has to go and lots of it was 50% off. WOW. Don't need any new yarn and they don't have anything overly exciting but I got some Big Wool at half price and some Diploma woolmix 4ply which I felt is suitable for socks at half price. They were plain colours so will be great for all hte lace socks patterns I'm planning. So all in all a very successful day on Saturday. Can't wait to go again.

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Anonymous said...

I know. Next time I'll definitely buy some chocs they looked so dreamy. The queue put me offthough. And I'm trying to convince myself that I need a trip to Plymouth again to pick up some more half price yarn. Do I really need more yarn?? Unfortunately the answer is A BIG NO!!!!! But it's very tempting......